Your transmission line is the unsung workhorse of a broadcast system. Undetected degradation of this vital component can be devastating, leading to extensive damage and time off-air. 
RFHAWKEYE® is the pioneering IP-connected system that delivers real-time data to effectively monitor your lines. 
  •  Continuous remote real-time, time-domain system measurement and recording at full power 
  •  Detects, locates and warns of VSWR changes or arcing in the transmission system
RF Hawkeye installation video



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Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast: Dan Glavin of Dielectric on RFHawkeye and Measuring Degradation of Transmission Lines 

Dan Glavin. RFHawkeye from Dielectric is a unique and revolutionary product to measure on-line/in operation, the degradation of transmission lines and moreover detect sparks/arcs. David Rusch interviews Dielectric Electrical Engineer Dan Glavin for Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast.

Predictive Insights to Reduce On-Air Downtime.pdf
How Dielectric is helping broadcast engineers demystify when and where problems may arise in the RF infrastructure.
Predictive Insights to Reduce On-Air Dow[...]
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Why Choose RFHawkeye?
IP-connected system to alert you to VSWR anomalies before costly damage occurs
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RF Hawkeye Features and Specs
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RF Hawkeye White Paper
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