Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) Options

These codecs provide solid links between your studio and transmitter




STLs with multiple layers of power, network and audio redundancy...

The Gateway-4 is a powerful, rock solid IP audio codec for studio-to studio and studio-to-transmitter links. It features dual internal power supplies, dual LAN ports and dual AoIP streaming ports. Plus, Gateway-4 delivers hitless packet switching using SmartStream PLUS redundant streaming and bandwidth aggregation using Fuse-IP technologies over internet connections.

  • Designed for mission critical stereo STLs and IP audio distribution.
  • Configure full-duplex dual stereo connections, or stereo plus dual mono, or four mono connections.
  • Distribute stereo audio to up to 20 multi-unicast endpoints.
  • Multicast to unlimited endpoints.

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Bridge-IT XTRA

Affordable stereo STLs with SD audio card backup

The ultimate inexpensive IP audio codec for low cost STLs. Includes:

  • AAC, Opus and aptX® Enhanced Algorithms
  • Dual internal power supplies
  • Audio SD/SDHC audio file backup
  • Multicasting and Multi-unicasting to up to 6 endpoints

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